Heavy Duty Fabric - An Essay by W.W.

Here at www.ahh.biz, we provide a wide range of products, such as: webbing, grommets, hardware and more. We can also make a number of custom items per customers instructions. However, one of our biggest contributions is the wide range of fabrics we offer starting in 1 yard increments.

We carry heavy duty nylons such as our 1680 denier nylon and 1000 d cordura which are used in high quality soft sided luggage and packs. We carry 400 denier pack cloth, highly flexible and light weight also used in finer luggage and backpacks. For those looking for unsurpassed luster and smoothness, the diagonal weave of our 200x500 is an obvious choice. These are coated with a polyurethane backing to make them water resistant.

Heading outside? We have a variety of coated and non coated mesh and netting. The 1.8mm vinyl coated mesh constructed of polyester fibers coated with vinyl prior to construction will create a neat and refined look. Our Textilene® vinyl mesh is top of the line! Products such as lawn furniture, slings and cushions constructed with this amazing mesh will be abrasion resistant, antimicrobial, due to specially formulated additives and will resist UV-Q radiation. What more can one ask for? For our sports fans, check out our wide selection of non coated netting, used for such things as hockey nets, baseball batting cages, and perfect for gym bags.

Need a tarp? Tent or outdoor covers? For extreme waterproofing capabilities, the 70 denier nylon taffeta with 3 mil PVC backing will, quite literally, hold water.

We carry a number of rubberized products used where non-slip, abrasion resistance and waterproofing is needed. They can be used anywhere from some types of clothing to marine use and outdoor furniture.

If you are working on a vintage military vehicle, try the CANVAK coated waxed cotton canvas. Water will actually bead on the waxy surface for years of water and rot proofing. The easily recognizable smell of the fabric is sure to take you back to the early years of our military.

Ahh, the military. Nothing evokes a greater sense of patronage and pride. Our polyester “spider” mesh is used to fabricate US military sniper suits. The specially formulated complex mesh will stretch in one direction and creates 2 different size and shape holes with advanced ventilation and is more breathable for a wide range of climates. Lighter weight means it will move more naturally in the wind enhancing concealment capabilities. We carry an array of camouflage materials and while all are not MILSPEC, they are great for any hunter or camo enthusiast.

There are many types of products available on our website, ahh.biz. We hope that the information provided here gives you confidence in our capabilities to help you with any project you undertake, big or small.

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